September 30, 2022

While Pokemon GO can be used for battling or trading with others, there are also a few features that can be accessed by casual gamers. These include battling Team Rocket or leaving a Pokemon to defend a gym to earn PokeCoins. However, those looking to reap rewards and gain experience quicker can do so by completing various Research Tasks.

There are several types of Research in Pokemon GO. Those that give “better” rewards are usually Timed Research, and it’s very easy to miss them thanks to their deadlines. Field Research Tasks are more aligned to casual players, allowing them to get their share from GO too. Field Research is split up into a few categories, but they’re not that difficult to understand.


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Unlocking and Completing Field Research Tasks

Spinning PokeStops

Each player can hold up to 3 Field Tasks at a time. Unlike Special Research Tasks, Field Research can only be gained from spinning PokeStops or Gyms, with a few exceptions.

Spinning the disc at a PokeStop is simple. All players need to do is make sure their overworld model is within range of the PokeStop (blue cube). If they’re close enough, the PokeStop will turn into a blue Poke Ball. Each PokeStop has a 5-minute cooldown, indicated by the purple Poke Ball symbol, before it can be spun again. Gyms are a bit different. Their “roof” will appear as if it’s opening when players are within range. To spin a Pokemon Gym, select the icon at the bottom-right after tapping the Gym on the overworld map.

In addition to receiving a Field Task, players will receive items such as Poke Balls and Potions as rewards for spinning. If a player’s inventory is full, a notification will show up saying that they have too many items, preventing them from spinning PokeStops.

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Obtaining & Viewing Field Research Tasks

To view Field, Special, and Daily Events, tap the binoculars icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen on the overworld map. If a player has three Field Tasks, spinning a PokeStop will not delete any of their current Field Tasks. Players will need to delete unwanted Field Tasks manually. To do this, tap the garbage can icon in the top right corner of the task description in the Field category of the Tasks menu. Once a Field Research Task is completed, there will be a Claim Reward message on the Research Task. Tap this to receive items or initiate a Pokemon Encounter.

Completing one Field Research Task per day will reward players with a Research Stamp. Get a week’s worth of Research Stamps, and it will unlock a Research Breakthrough. This will allow players to encounter a Pokemon based on the ongoing Event in Pokemon GO. For example, August 2022’s Research Breakthrough Pokemon is the Galarian Stunfisk, a Ground/Steel-type. Most Pokemon that appear during the Research Breakthrough will have higher CP than the Pokemon found in the wild with the chance of being a 2-3 Star, sometimes 4 Star.

Players can only get one Field Research Task per day at PokeStops and Gyms. Most Field Research Tasks can be done within minutes if players have the required items (Poke Balls, Berries, etc). Whenever progress has been made on a Field Research Task, the binoculars icon will have notification circle next to it.

Types of Field Research

Bonus Research Tasks

The only time players will be able to have more than three Field Research Tasks is when there are Bonus Research Tasks. Unlike regular Field Research, Bonus Research Tasks appear in a player’s task page at midnight and do not require spinning a PokeStop to obtain them. Bonus Field Research have an orange border with EVENT on the Field Research page.

Unfortunately, players with four Field Research Tasks filled won’t be able to receive the new Bonus Research Task until they’ve completed a task slot.

AR Mapping Research Tasks

Received from PokeStops, these tasks will involve scanning an area, then uploading the data. The best way to complete AR Mapping Tasks is to scan the required location for 20-30 seconds while keeping it in the center of the frame. Pokemon GO recommends going a full 360 around the PokeStop.

The Scan Feature and the AR Mapping Researching Tasks won’t be unlocked until players reach level 20. They’ll appear on the Field Research page with a silver/gray border labeled AR MAPPING. These Research Tasks may give rare rewards such as Poffins.

These may occasionally be obtained by spinning a PokeStop. In the Field Research Menu, they’re indicated by a purple border with SPONSORED. Like any other Field Research, Sponsored Research Tasks can be deleted if they’re something players don’t feel like completing.

Pokemon GO is available for mobile devices.

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