September 30, 2022

Several new dishes and treats based on popular series characters such as Pikachu and Snorlax appear on the menus of the Pokemon Cafes.

Even though Pokemon is celebrated all over the world, Japan gets a few extra perks and events that other countries don’t have. For instance, the Pokemon Cafe offers a variety of treats based on the appearance and characteristics of the iconic pocket monsters from the series.

While some of these events are only a few days long, others last for months or even years and are constantly updated to keep fans coming back. In Japan, a reimagined menu at the Pokemon Cafe features new dishes based on series icons Pikachu and Snorlax.

Besides being adorable, the new meals sound delectable as well. To pique the interest of those who happen to be in the neighbourhood, the Pokemon Cafe Kids will be serving up a burger with Pikachu’s face and ears poking out the top. A closer look reveals Pikachu-shaped pasta among other things, as suggested by the dish’s official description. Adults can try the Pikachu tail sandwich plate, which requires the customer to put it together themselves, or the Snorlax Tosenbo Pancake, which includes chocolate sauce.

There are three Pokemon dishes available for less than $20 USD at this time, including the Kids’ Pikachu burger, the sandwich, and the pancake, based on currency exchange rates as of this writing. Taxes are already included in the price, and in Japan, gratuities aren’t expected, so the higher-priced items may be more affordable. The Pokeball meal plate that the kids’ meal is served in, complete with tableware, a cute mug, and Pikachu decorations, can be purchased for $31.54 by fans who want to bring something home for their children (or themselves).

The Pokemon Cafe has two locations, one in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi and the other in Osaka’s Shinsaibashi, for fans of the video game and pop culture phenomenon that is Pokemon. While it is unlikely that the cafes will close anytime soon, fans who are particularly interested in these meals should plan to go as soon as possible, as limited-time menus and engagements are the norms and these meals will not be around forever.

There’s a good chance that something special will be made available for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s upcoming release. In light of Fuecoco still being debated, it will be interesting to see what Pokemon Cafes take inspiration from in the future.

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