September 29, 2022
Alola Challenge, Tapu Bulu, and Battle Villa are now available in Pokémon Masters EX, as are events for Water and Ice-Type Eggs.

There are a variety of experiences and battles to be had by players this month in Pokémon Masters EX. Alolan-themed activities can be found in addition to the regular Battle Arena rotation. The game’s latest Egg Event, which focuses on water and ice-type Pokémon, will begin this week. In contrast, the Champion Stadium will rotate to the Alola Challenge, allowing players to participate in an exciting series of battles. Additionally, for a brief period of time, Tapu Bulu will be making a comeback to the Legendary Arena.

Event for Eggs of the Water and Ice Types:

Professor Bellis will be handing out special egg packs that will hatch into one of several glasses of water or ice type Pokémon during this event. Horsea, Seel, Squirtle, and Lapras are among the Pokémon that can be hatched from these Eggs, with the first three of these having the potential to be Shiny. During this event, Bellis’s Lab will also feature a temporary incubator for the duration. Until the Egg hatches, the limited-time incubator will be active if it is still holding an egg when the event ends. Until 9:59 pm on February 20th, this event will be open to the public (PST).

Event participants can take part in a variety of special challenges throughout the duration of the event. Players will have a better chance of getting Eggs during this event’s battles if they use teams that include specific sync pairs. A player’s Egg reward rate increases in direct proportion to the number of these sync pairs they have in their lineup. Sync Pairs and Egg reward rates are listed as follows:

  • Synchronization of Player Characters: +40% Reward Rate for Eggs
  • Player of the Types Water and Ice +80% (1.8) of character sync pairs Reward Rate for Eggs
  • Additional Egg Reward Rate (1.2%) for Water and Ice-type sync pairs

Because these bonuses are cumulative, a +120 percent bonus would be granted by having three Player Character Water or Ice Sync Pairs (x2.2)

When playing this event, players should keep in mind the following:

  • Participation in this event is restricted to players who have completed Chapter 1 of the Main Story: The More the Merrier in single-player mode.
  • Synchronized pairs that appear in battle have abilities that are not available to the player.
  • Within three days of the mission period ending, all mission completion rewards must be claimed.
  • In order to get Eggs from Professor Bellis during this event, players must complete all areas of the game.

Alola Challenge Stadium, Home of the Champions

Alolan Elite 4 members Hala, Moline, Olivia, Acerola, and Hahili, as well as Champion-challengers Professor Kukui and Hau, will be available to challenge players until March 6th, 9:59 pm (PST). Each week’s opponent lineup will be different, allowing players to face both Sun & Moon and Ultra Sun & Moon teams. In Master Mode, players can face the Elite 4 in more difficult battles, and they will receive a special in-game badge to show their accomplishment, as well as other special rewards, such as Champion Spirit.

This rotation marks the beginning of an upgrade to the Champion Stadium’s infrastructure. For the Champion Stadium, total point rewards have now been increased to 10,000 points, with both Champion Spirit and Battle Points being included. There has also been an increase in the maximum number of points that can be earned in a single battle, going from 1500 to 2000.

In order to compete in the Champion Stadium, players must have completed Chapter 10: A Reason to Battle (Normal) in single-player mode.

Tapu Bulu: The Legendary Arena

Tapu Bulu returns to the Legendary Arena to face a formidable foe. There are a certain number of sync pairs required to complete the challenges in the Legendary Arena. For this re-run of the event, new event missions have been added, allowing trainers to earn additional gems by completing specific tasks. The Legendary Arena is currently open and will remain open until 9:59 pm on February 20th (PST). In August of 2021, Tapu Bulu was removed from the Legendary Arena.

While on its first and third HP bars, Tapu Bulu is vulnerable to Flying-type moves and Poison-type moves, respectively. After each HP bar and each time it uses its Synchronized Move, it uses the Grassy Terrain field effect, which increases the power of a move based on grass and replenished its HP when it is used on grass-based attacks. The only way to deal with Grassy Terrain is to poison it or use “interference” status conditions like flinching, confusion, or being trapped. However, each time that Tapu Bulu recovers, it will become more resistant to the latter.

Participants in this Legendary Arena must have completed Chapter 2: Defeat Team Break on normal mode before entering.

Fortress of Solitude

Up to nine sync pairs can be used to progress through the stages of the Battle Villa, which is a recurring event that will be open for the next two weeks until February 20th at 9:59 pm PST (PST). It’s possible to win up to 2000 gems and a variety of items to improve sync pairs, such as cookies and lucky scrolls if you do well in this challenge. Once players have completed Chapter 7: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way on their own, they can enter the Battle Villa.

The next time the Battle Villa is opened, players who have completed all of the halls will be able to skip some of the halls. However, the first-time rewards from halls that have been skipped will not include any coin completion rewards, XP, or bonus awards of any kind. The missions of any associations are also invalidated when halls are skipped.

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