September 30, 2022
Battlefield 2042 is outperformed on Steam by three previous Battlefield titles.

Just how little Battlefield 2042 is being played at the moment has been revealed by new Steam data, with three older games outperforming it.

Battlefield 2042’s launch was rough, to say the least, and months later, its player count is at an all-time low. Some recent Steam data makes the struggles of Battlefield 2042 very clear for those who need proof of how little the game is played on PC.

It’s understandable that Battlefield 2042 has had trouble retaining its early-adopter fan base, given the poor critical reception the game received and the harsh criticism it received upon its official release. Even though the clever feature that allowed players to mix and match content from previous entries to create new modes was widely lauded, nearly everything else in Battlefield 4 was panned by gamers alike. Various aspects of the game disappointed players, including the graphics, the large number of bugs, and the emphasis placed on specialists.

Some startling numbers were discovered by IGN after compiling data from SteamDB. Since Steam’s user count peaked at over 100,000, it’s surprising that only about 2,000 people are currently playing Battlefield 2042. Comparing the number of players in this game to those in the previous three installments of the series, this is even more surprising. As of right now, all of the aforementioned games — Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1, and Battlefield 5 — have higher active player counts than the game’s scheduled release date of 2023.

Over 2,100 people are currently playing Battlefield 4, which was released in 2013. There are currently 7,500 players playing Battlefield 1, a 2016 release that transported players back to World War I. This is a divisive game that has grown in popularity over time and now stands at over 21,000 active players on Steam. The game is in serious jeopardy at the moment, with more than ten times as many players as Battlefield 2042.

Things may not start to get better for some time, unfortunately. While DICE has promised smaller maps, it is not clear when the first season of the game will begin. Battlefield 2042’s negative reception is understandable, given the fact that the petition to have the game refunded has surpassed 200,000 signatures. If Battlefield 4’s future is in doubt because three older games are outperforming the newest one, then something is seriously wrong.

It’s been argued by some players that Battlefield 2042 should be made free-to-play in order to resurrect the player count. Steam’s player count indicates that if the company wants to regain lost customers, significant changes must be made.

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