September 30, 2022
Because of what it doesn’t include, Batman may be more enjoyable

As Batman, Robert Pattinson’s portrayal may be one of the best in recent memory for fans who aren’t attached to other DCEU projects or the overused Joker character.

Fans are eager to see Robert Pattinson take the superhero industry by storm when The Batman premieres in just one week. Bruce Wayne will have to face enemies that he hasn’t dealt with in a long time, in a world that looks very different from the DCEU viewers have come to expect from Pattinson’s Batman character.

Due to the fact that this film will not be a part of any other DCEU projects, it will be a stand-alone piece. Easter eggs will be few and far between, and DC fan favourites’ appearances are almost nonexistent, so don’t hold your breath for any surprises.

If you’re looking for a new take on the superhero genre, look no further than Robert Pattinson’s The Batman. Pattinson’s Batman and other characters associated with him are the focus of the film, which tells his storey in a unique DC-inspired setting.

The Batman appears to be returning to the original, “small scale” superhero-style film after becoming distinct from all other DCEU heroes who have been given their time on the big screen. The plot and characters are rooted in a single reality, with the focus solely on Bruce Wayne’s plight. The DCEU prior to Pattinson’s resurrection of Batman does not yet suggest that his Batman will share any significant connections with other DC characters like Superman, Aquaman, or even previous versions of Batman.

Pattinson’s Batman, as well as other DCEU characters like Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman, have been given the freedom to stand on their own in the spotlight. The Batman is a refreshing change of pace from other DC projects, and it will either succeed or fail based on its own merits. Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne has been given a chance to shine in a way that fans haven’t seen in a long time thanks to the departure from the DC Comics canon.

For example, the film’s mood is darker than anything else in the DC Extended Universe so far (based on what can be seen in the trailers). In many ways, Pattinson’s Batman is a vigilante, willing to do whatever it takes to keep the greater good at heart in his actions. Although DC and Warner Bros. have done similar work with characters in films like The Suicide Squad, Pattinson’s Batman stands out because he feels unapologetically human.

A lot of DCEU heroes appear to be so powerful that they’re practically indestructible.

Characters like Harley Quinn, who do have a more human quality, have a sense of humour and vulgarity about them that is lacking in The Batman. When it comes to Batman, Pattinson’s version of the character stands out from the rest of DC’s superheroes because of the “untouchable” status he has earned.

In addition, the film’s villain, the Joker, has no bearing on the storyline, making it even more distinct from the rest of the DCEU. As a result of so many retellings of the “Batman vs. Joker” conflict, the storey now feels stale. For fans, Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight trilogy has made it nearly impossible to find a better retelling of this classic comic book feud, and they’re still raving about it.

Since Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker was so flawless, any future live-action Batman/Joker confrontations are already doomed to fail due to the high expectations raised by fans. As the primary antagonist of The Batman, Riddler brings back fond memories for fans of the iconic bad guy without following the tried-and-true path of Batman and Joker for so long.

If The Batman were to be a part of the DC Extended Universe, the film would take on a completely different look. Even if it’s something as minor as Superman appearing from the neck-down, as he did in Shazam!, the storey would need to be tied to the larger universe’s ongoing plotlines.

The best thing DC and Warner Bros. could have done for The Batman was to distance him from the franchise’s other successes and failures, given the conflicting reactions and mixed reviews it has received. Only minor expectations for the film to fix previous plot holes or continue the storey of another film have been placed on it. The success of The Batman will be attributed to the film’s ability to stand on its own, rather than relying on the complexities of previous films.

On March 4, 2022, The Batman will take to the big screen.

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