September 30, 2022
Destiny 2's First Lightblade: Alak-Hul

Alak-history Hul’s in Destiny 2 reveals how hard it was for Eris Morn’s fireteam to defeat him before he became a Lightblade.

Many new characters are introduced in the Destiny 2 expansion, The Witch Queen. Many new voices and faces are introduced to Guardians as they travel through Savathun’s throne world. Many of the previous cast members have been resurrected by the Light, so they have joined the cast as well. Alak-Hul is one of the most important characters to return to Destiny 2. This is the first Darkblade that was introduced in The Taken King expansion for the first Destiny game, and it was slain by Guardians. ” Before The Witch Queen, no one knew what happened to Alak-Hul, but she makes it abundantly clear that he is eventually found by one of the Hive Ghosts.

When the Witch Queen expansion was released, Alak-Hul was included in the Lightblade strike. For new Lights, Alak-Hul was a completely new experience, and they had no prior knowledge of its significance. Although Alak-Hul isn’t the first Lightbearer Hive, he is the first Light blade and a colossal Hive Knight in general that players will meet. Alak-Hul has always been a towering figure, but his story until The Witch Queen is told through gameplay at a very surface level, despite his colossal statue.

Alak-Hul, the first Darkblade

When Eris Morn and her fireteam attempted a raid on Crota, Son of Oryx, Alak-Hul was mentioned as a character. Alak-Hul and his offspring, who were battling the Guardians of the Last City, were the first foes the team faced. By far, Alak-Hul outmatched the fireteam and was directly responsible for killing Vel Tarlowe, a fireteam member of Eris’. He was successful in protecting Crota, but Alak-Hul wanted more and turned against Crota’s father, the Taken King. Alak-ambition Hul’s to become king led some to believe he would succeed to Oryx’s throne in the video game Destiny.

Despite his overwhelming strength against the Taken King, he was primarily motivated by the desire to win the approval of his comrade. Rather than kill Alak-Hul, Oryx put the Darkblade in a pitch-black cell on the Dreadnaught and let him serve out the rest of his sentence. In The Taken King expansion, players meet Alak-Hul for the first time here. Eris Morn is aware of the Darkblade’s capture, and she intends to keep him from escaping at all costs. As a precautionary measure, she instructed a fireteam to kill Alak-Hul, as well as retaliation for Vel Tarlowe’s murder, because Oryx was no longer in the physical world.

What happens next to Alak-Hul, the Darkblade is a mystery. Although it’s easy to assume he’s dead, his position and strength in the Sword Logic raise the possibility that he’s an Ascendant Hive. In Destiny 2, there is a steadily increasing number of Ascendant Hive that players encounter, each of which proves to be increasingly difficult to kill. However, given his newfound prominence in Destiny 2, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

The Lightblade’s rise to prominence

Resurrected as part of the Lucent Hive, the once-mighty Darkblade was likely killed by the Guardian during the Sunless Cell strike in The Taken King. Many of the members of this Savathun’s Hive sect have received the gift of Light from the Traveler, making them unique among the other groups’ players have encountered so far. Once more, the Darkblade and the player’s Guardian square off in Destiny 2 after Alak-new Hul’s gift transforms him into the game’s first Lightblade encounter.

The Witch Queen’s campaign introduces a new Lightblade strike in which he serves as the watchman over an Oryx monument that also houses a fragment of the Tablets of Ruin. The setting is a significant departure from the first Destiny games. Alak-Hul is now guarding a monument to the dead king he once tried to overthrow instead of being locked away in a dark cell. On top of everything else that has happened, Alak-Hul is now able to wield the Light blade, continuing his legacy despite Oryx no longer having anyone to do so for him.

The Lightblade Alak-Hul continues to stand out from the other Lightbearer Hive Knights in The Witch Queen as a result. Based on their perceived class, the Lightbearer Hive tends to use a subclass element. Arc energy is used by Wizards, while Solar energy is used by Acolytes, and Void energy is used by Knights. While the Void 3.0 rework would have been terrifying, Alak-strength Hul’s continues to shine as he wields Arc energy in his battles. Alak-Hul is now even more distinct from the other Hive Knights, solidifying his status as a formidable foe.

While Alak-Hul is still defeated by the player, this time his circumstances are different. Alak-Hul is revived by a Hive Ghost, giving the Lightblade a second chance at life. Using his Hive Ghost, the Lightblade could easily return to Alak-body Hul’s to retrieve its Lightbearer, and an endless cycle of violence would ensue. Destiny 2’s Traveler is not all-knowing or aware of the atrocities committed by each of its revived Lightbearers, in some ways this reasserts.

Although the mere possibility of Alak-eternal Hul’s return through the power of his Light is a difficult concept to grasp, it is critical. In Alak-Hul the Darkblade’s case, his transformation does not exonerate him from the past. Like Savathun, he has wreaked havoc on humanity and the Vanguard. Even though both the Vanguard and the new Lucent Hive are capable of wielding the Light, they are not allies, and Alak-story Hul’s will likely continue with him fighting the Guardian once more.

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