September 30, 2022
Due to the Ukraine Conflict, Pokemon Presents was under-sold

This year’s Pokemon Presents event has been scaled back in response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, according to the Pokemon Company.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, the next installments in the Pokemon main series, were unveiled by the Pokemon Company on Sunday morning. Pokemon fans were taken aback when they heard the news. They either didn’t know about Pokemon Presents or didn’t realize how big of a deal it was going to be. The reason for this, on the other hand, is well-founded Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the Pokemon Company has stated that it has reduced the promotion of the event.

Stephen Totilo, an Axios reporter, reported that The Pokemon Company’s public relations team officially confirmed the decision. According to the team members, they wanted to be “aware of major world events at this time and those who are affected.” With this in mind, the event’s advertising was reduced so that fans could participate in the event if they wanted to, rather than making it a focus for the industry and potentially diverting attention from more important news.

Some Pokemon fans may wonder why the company decided to hold the event in the first place. That question was also addressed, albeit in general terms. “Pre-scheduled” events like Pokemon Presents cannot be postponed, according to the Pokemon Company. The date of the original launch of Pocket Monsters: Red and Green in Japan, February 27, 1996, is known as Pokemon Day around the world. A lot of thought had gone into today’s announcements by the Pokemon Company in advance.

Pokemon Company’s efforts to minimize promotion had a significant impact on the reach of today’s Pokemon Presents event, it is clear. Because of the lack of publicity, it will receive only a fraction of the attention it otherwise would have received. Even if it doesn’t happen right away, it’s likely that word of mouth from the Pokemon fan community and marketing for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will help make up for it over time.

Even though The Pokemon Company’s decision will have no measurable effect on the real world, it is important to recognise the decision’s symbolic significance. There is more than enough justification for this decision if it only conveys the feelings of The Pokemon Company regarding the current world events linked to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine The Pokemon Company has the best interests of its customers in mind.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be just fine in the future, rest assured. Despite the understated nature of today’s announcement, Pokemon fans were given all the information they needed to know about the upcoming games. When world events are less volatile, more information is expected to be released in the months to come.

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