September 29, 2022
Everything You Need to Know About Proving Grounds Spring

Players from the LCS academy teams and amateur teams compete in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Spring Proving Grounds. North American (NAtop )’s squads are on display, competing for regional bragging rights. League of Legends players from all over the world will compete against each other in a series of exciting and competitive matches as part of the tournament. The NA Academy playoffs will be replaced by this tournament, according to Fandom. The play-ins stage of Proving Grounds Spring 2022 will begin on March 17th.

The Proving Grounds Spring Tournament: A Quick Overview

Demonstrating Facts Tournaments are held online for a total of five weeks during the Spring season and are limited to ten teams from both the Academy and Amateur ranks. In order to win a share of the $100K USD prize pool, the teams compete.


The Proving Grounds Spring is open to all ten LCS Academy teams, but only the ten Amateur teams with the most circuit points from previous Spring qualifiers are invited to participate. In order to qualify for the Spring and Summer Proving Grounds, Amateur teams must compete in the LCS Proving Grounds Circuit. The 2022 season was divided into four Circuit Qualifiers, each with an open qualifier and a dedicated Fandom for fans to participate in.

It will begin with four best-of-three matches between the bottom four Academy and Amateur teams in a first-round elimination tournament. Those four teams will compete in the 16-team double-elimination bracket, which will be decided here.

All matches will be best-of-three, except for the upper bracket final, lower bracket quarterfinals, semifinals, and grand final, which will be best-of-five matches.


Participants in the Spring 2022 edition of Playing Grounds

Playing Grounds Spring 2022 will feature the following amateur teams:

  • One Hundred and One Thieves After That
  • Infinite Eternity
  • the gaming taco
  • There is no team to speak of.
  • University of Winthrop
  • Phenomenon of EG
  • University of Maryville
  • Saints of Maryville
  • Playing Cards & Dice
  • Aces with wild cards

These are the Academy teams that are guaranteed a spot in the tournament:

  • The Academy of Counter-Logic Gaming
  • Academy of Cloud Nine
  • Academy of the Golden Guardians.
  • The Liquidators’ Training Center
  • The Immortals’ School
  • The Dignitas School
  • The Academy of 100 Thieves
  • The FlyQuest School of Aviation
  • Academy of Team SoloMid
  • The School of Evil Geniuses

Teams that advance to the play-in stage are listed below, based on the current standings and the points they have accrued in the circuit.


Schedule for Play-Ins

DateMatch detailsTime (CET)
17-03-2022Maryville University (B) vs Evil Geniuses Academy11.00 pm
18-03-2022100 Thieves Academy vs Wildcard Gaming01.00 am
18-03-2022FlyQyest Academy vs Wildcard Aces11.00 pm
19-03-2022Maryville University vs TSM Academy01.00 am

To see a rising star succeed in a well-established esports scene like League of Legends is always a sight to behold. A successful Proving Grounds Summer event on LAN would be a bonus for Riot Games.

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