September 30, 2022
Fans of Fall Guys could be won over by a level editor

Despite being overshadowed after launch, Fall Guys has managed to hang on, and the addition of a level editor could pique players’ interest once again.

As a prime example of a game failing to keep pace with more influential cultural forces, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is hugely popular. A multiplayer game with colourful bean-like characters called Among Us swept the Internet in late summer 2020 and quickly overtook Fall Guys. Fall Guys has a large enough fanbase that multiple games can be held at the same time, despite its short-lived popularity with mainstream gamers. It’s not dead, despite what the official Twitter page’s posts would have you believe.

There is room for improvement in terms of gameplay and quality of life features in Fall Guys. For the most part, the game has evolved in a positive direction. In addition to a new season, each new season brings a new theme, new minigames, and a variety of new costumes, banners, and names that players can acquire by levelling up. One of the best and most innovative strategies that Fall Guys could use to retain and attract new players would be to implement a level editor.

Having a level editor is a must for those who like to play in the dark

After almost two years of development, Fall Guys has carved out a distinct visual and gameplay style all its own. This party game is instantly recognisable thanks to its brightly coloured environments, cartoonish characters, and Wipeout-style games. For those who enjoy tinkering with the game’s levels, a good level editor could be a lot of fun. The assets themselves are broad enough to be used in a variety of contexts while also being narrow enough to serve a specific function.

Players can create their own Fall Guys minigames with a variety of gimmicks. The developers and Fall Guys fans have affectionately dubbed the giant mallets “Big Yeetus,” while the slime from “Slime Climb” and “The Slimescraper” has been dubbed “Hex-A-Gone.” This newfound recipe could easily be turned into an unplayable level by slicing and dicing the various components. A level editor for Fall Guys could allow players to design their own levels of destruction.

Although the general public is drawn to the potential chaos of a Fall Guys level editor, there are those who want to genuinely build a community around these customised levels and strive to legitimately develop their design skills while creating the best Fall Guys level they can. In the same way that many Super Mario Maker players will learn how to create challenging but enjoyable Mario levels that go beyond the scope of regular games, there are probably many Fall Guys fans who have the same ambitions as well.

For a party game that relies on the player relying on other people to play, a Fall Guys level editor seems like a definite strong addition to the game. The core gameplay has largely remained the same, even with the addition of new modes and minigames to the game’s repertoire. There could be an entirely new mode introduced into the game by way of a Fall Guys level editor if it is implemented as a permanent new mode.

A Nintendo Switch and Xbox version of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently in development.

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