September 30, 2022
Getting Mimic Tear Ashes with the Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, there are many excellent summonses, but the Mimic Tear Ashes are particularly useful.

A highlight of Elden Ring is the Spirit Ashes mechanic, which can be found only in From Software’s latest adventure. A wide variety of Spirit Ashes can be found throughout the game, which can be used to summon powerful and useful spirits that can help the players turn the tide of battle against strong enemies and bosses. Players can level up Spirit Ashes to make them more powerful, and there are a plethora of them to choose from.

A few of the Spirit Ashes summon packs of fast-moving allies, while others summon ranged support. Even some Spirit Ashes are capable of causing Poisoning effects. Spirit Ash in Elden Ring has the ability to “clone” the player. In Mimic Tear Ashes, players can create an A.I. that is an exact replica of themselves, complete with stats, armor, and weapons. Listed below are the locations where players can obtain this potent weapon.

Finding Your Way to Grace’s Ancestral Woods

Obtaining the Mimic Tear Ashes necessitates defeating a tough boss fairly early in the game. Players can’t get to the Eternal City of Akron, which holds the Mimic Tear Ashes until they defeat the Starscourge Gadahn. It’s not an easy task to take down the Demi-God, and many players have complained about how frustratingly difficult it is. Falling stars near the Mistwoods open up a beautiful area perched high above the river well in Siofra once he’s defeated.

The Ancestral Woods Site of Grace can only be found after players have gained access to Akron. To get to this area, players must defeat a boss, which should give them an idea of the power of the Mimic Tear Ashes. After entering the Mist Gate, players will encounter the Mimic Tear, which will impersonate whatever weapons they currently have. A viable strategy to make the boss fight easier is to remove your armor and weapons before passing through the gate, then re-equip them during the battle. A lack of defense will leave the Mimic Tear vulnerable.

A large stone staircase and a large bridge leading to a Site of Grace, which can be found by huddling close to the left side of the wall as you make your way up and across them.

Where Can I Find Elden Ring’s Mimic Tear Ashes?

Ancestral Woods Site of Grace access makes it a lot easier to reach the Mimic Tear Ashed, but it does require some platforming skill. Looking over the edge of a cliff, players can see a stone platform that they can jump to. Straight ahead and across a wall section before jumping to another ledge, they can continue on their way. To reach an area near a large staircase, they must first make a second jump to a small platform and then follow this ledge all the way around. This will take them a few seconds to complete.

The top of a round roof is direct across from this stairwell, and players can hop to it before launching themselves into a wide-open space. So proceed with caution, as there are a few Ooze enemies here that may transform into Silver Tear (invader-like enemies). Once players make their way through the large area and around the corner, they can zip down a “hallway” and enter an area with a long, skinny, and crumbling wall.. Players will be able to access a balcony overlooking a church if they cross this wall and jump into the nearby windows.

A large open archway leads to a hallway and a Mist Barrier, which is guarded by a Stone Imp Statue, instead of jumping down. Unlocking this misty barrier with one Stonesword Key will allow players to enter the chamber within The enemy on the inside is unprepared and vulnerable. The Mimic Tear Ashes can be obtained by opening a nearby chest after defeating the enemy.

Is There a Purpose for The Mimic Tear Ashes

Mimic Tear Ashes are similar to the Mimic Tear boss that players encounter in Nokron’s early stages of gameplay. To summon a spirit manifestation of themselves that acts as an A.I. companion, players can equip and use these items (into a Quick Equip Slot). Unlike the summoned spirit, the summoned spirit can be summoned to do additional damage or to serve as a tanky (or dodging) distraction, depending on the player’s needs.

Mimic Tear Ash’s greatest feature is that it summons using health rather than FP. When summoned, some spirit ashes consume a significant amount of FP, making it difficult for players who prioritize their Mind stat to succeed. Players with a low Mind stat will have a smaller pool of FP at their disposal for using skills and spells. Players with low Mind stats can easily summon the Mimic Tear Ash and then heal themselves quickly with a healing spell or flask thanks to the Mimic Tear Ash using health as its summoning catalyst.

In addition to its lack of reliance on FP, Mimic Tear Ashes is a formidable spirit because of its ability to mimic all of the player’s equipment, spells, weapons, and skills. In addition to weapons, buffs, and healing items from the Quick Item bar, it is also able to use them.

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