September 30, 2022

As per usual, with the upcoming release of new Pokémon games, Scarlet and Violet have more than their fair share of rumors surrounding them. With them evidently being made concurrently with Pokémon Legends: Arceus, fans of that particular game have been eagerly listing what features they hope will make the jump into the mainline games.

Fans are happy to pick apart the new trailer featuring upcoming gameplay. From the villainous Team Star to the new Pokémon revealed, there is a lot to be excited about. However, fans of past games are especially enthusiastic about the massive crab-like Klawf that they’ll have to battle. This isn’t the first time that players have had to face off against giant Pokémon, so what kind of Pokémon is this one?

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Fans might be quick to call it an Alpha Pokémon thanks to Pokémon Legends: Arceus. One of the game’s defining features is encounters with giant, powerful, aggressive Pokémon labeled as Alpha Pokémon. Defined by their immense size and glowing red eyes, these Pokémon could knock a trainer flat with just their roar. This seems to be what Scarlet and Violet‘s Klawf is leaning towards — after all, it’s shown alongside its smaller relatives. However, the Alpha Pokémon have glowing red eyes. This Klawf does not.

Going back a bit farther to Gen VII sees the likes of Totem Pokémon. Like Alpha Pokémon, Totem Pokémon are larger, stronger versions of their normal counterparts, albeit ones trained by Trial Captains on the different islands of Alola. These larger versions have a powerful aura around them when they battle and are difficult to take down, which sounds like the Klawf in the trailer. However, the Klawf is lacking the distinctive aura a Totem Pokémon would have.

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This could very well be a case of omitting assets to avoid spoiling too much — Marvel and Sony famously did so with their trailers for Spider-Man: No Way Home, for example. With leakers being a persistent problem, this might be an attempt on Game Freak’s part to prevent giving away too much before the big launch date. Yet, at the same time, the official website does give a name for this colossal Klawf phenomenon: titan Pokémon.

When describing the hunt for Herba Mystica, the official website says that it’s guarded by Titan Pokémon. Described as being bigger and stronger than regular Pokémon, this sounds remarkably like the way both Alpha Pokémon and Totem Pokémon are described — enough so that fans have started poking fun at Game Freak for reusing ideas. However, if this is a blind, and Titan Pokémon are in reality a return of Totem or Alpha Pokémon, then this will be the first time Pokémon has reused a gimmick since mega evolution made a reappearance in Gen VII. It seems the true nature of Titan Pokémon won’t be revealed until November when the games release.

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