Incredible 3D Animation of Professor Oak’s Laboratory by a Pokemon Fan

Pokefan creates a stunning 3D recreation of Professor Oak’s laboratory from the original Game Boy Pokemon game.

As the player’s first real gateway into the Pokemon world in the first game, Professor Oak is one of the most recognisable characters in the series. A stunning 3D animation of Professor Oak’s laboratory from the original Game Boy game was created by a talented Pokemon fan.

Professor Oak first appeared in the Red, Blue, and Green generations of the Pokemon video game franchise. A famous Pokemon researcher, he is also the player’s rival’s grandfather and the person who gives them their first Pokemon, allowing them to choose from one of three starters. As a bonus, Oak makes an appearance in the games’ original anime adaptation.

As seen in the Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green games, Reddit user MattOnyx created an animation of Professor Oak’s lab. The lab is depicted from the same point of view as in the game using the original Game Boy’s color scheme and pixelated style. The view shifts from the lab to the Pokeballs containing the starter Pokemon and then returns to where it began.

As expected, it does not appear as 3D as one might expect due to the animation’s pixelated style. A new perspective is brought to the lab by this, but it’s something that the original game couldn’t have done because of how it pans its view. Although it’s only a few seconds long, it’s a visual treat to watch.

3D models of Pokemon games have been done before, but this one is a great tribute to the simplicity of the original games and how much fun they were when they first came out. It was up to the player’s imagination and the Pokemon’s official art in these games, which lacked any sort of color. Even though the Pokemon games have only gotten better over time, it’s always fun to revisit the beginnings of the series.

Now that there are so many Pokemon games to choose from, it’s hard to remember when Blue and Red were the only ones in the series. Pokemon has remained one of the most popular video games of all time, particularly the first 150 games. Scarlet and Violet, the upcoming Pokemon games that could feature two regions in a single game, are sure to please fans. As long as there are fans to carry on the tradition, it will live on.

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