September 30, 2022

Ruins of Alph, from Pokemon Gold and Silver, is displayed in a frame next to an illustration of where it can be found on Route 32 by a fan.

More and more gamers have discovered the Pokemon series since the first games were released in the 1990s. Every Pokemon player has a favourite area in the games, and one Pokemon Gold and Silver fan has captured their love of the early games by creating a replica of the Ruins of Alph.

Somebody on Reddit named Western Muffin 5668 posted a picture of their physical version of the Ruins of Alph from Pokemon Gold and Silver, which shows what looks like a brick wall with the letters Unown painted on it. There are Unown characters in the word “capes” that Western Muffin 5668 has physically replicated on the Ruins of Alph wall, with the first three letters being placed above the final two. While Western Muffin 5668 has recreated this portion of the ruins’ exterior walls, they have also included an image of Route 32, the area in Pokemon Gold and Silver that serves as a backdrop for the Ruins of Alph.

Although it is a handcrafted piece, Western Muffin 5668 shows the Ruins of Alph from various angles to demonstrate how realistic and aged it looks. There are cracks and warping along the brown and red wall’s edges, and the bricks look as if they’ve been corroded by time as if they were salvaged from an actual ruin. Because Western Muffin 5668’s Ruins of Alph piece is made from the middle of other Unown letters, the areas that would’ve connected to other Unown have been altered appropriately to resemble a slab that has been shattered from a complete wall.

As seen in the final image, the Pokemon Gold and Silver fan piece by Western Muffin 5668 is displayed alongside framed fan art that the Pokemon enthusiast has previously created. Their other work focuses on the depiction of Mew from Pokemon: The First Movie and Dr. Fuji’s description of it. Despite the fact that one was inspired by Pokemon Red and Blue and the other by Pokemon Gold and Silver, the two ancient Pokemon works of art look natural together as if they were from the same game.

Many of the ruins in Pokemon Gold and Silver have been explored by the game’s late-game players, who are tasked with solving puzzles scattered throughout the world. As a side note, there are slide puzzles depicting the likenesses of Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh, fossil Pokemon Kabuto, and more in the Ruins of Alph experience. Whether Western Muffin 5668 intends to make more ancient Pokemon-themed art is currently unknown, but most generations of Pokemon include references to the distant past that may inspire future work, such as The Ancient Tomb in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and Abyssal Ruins in Pokemon Black and White. Currently.

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