September 30, 2022
It’s only a matter of time before this Super Nintendo emulator reaches its full potential.

As far as SNES Emulators go, this one is as close as you can get. The bones software developer has worked on this for the past 15 years. The SNES video processors’ cycle timing can only now be determined with precision. This goal of emulation precision could be achieved with the help of the community.

No matter how unimpressive the Super Nintendo Entertainment System may be, developing an emulator for it is no easy task. At the time of writing, this emulator works flawlessly with every official SNES game. Widescreen support, HD mode 7 support, and even latency reduction are some of the bsnes emulator’s best features. You’ll be able to play your favorite SNES game in higher quality than on the original system thanks to this emulator.

Take a look at the emulator’s current state on the Raspberry Pi 4.

The bsnes project’s chief programmer isn’t content to stop there. No, his goal is to create a SNES emulator that is error-free. For those who simply want to relive their youth by playing old-school games, the current state of this emulator is ideal. However, if you share the developer’s goals and aspirations, or if you simply want to assist him in achieving them, consider lending a hand.

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