September 30, 2022
Lineup for EVO 2022’s Fighting Game

Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5 are the featured games at the EVO tournament, which is the biggest fighting game competition in the world.

In the world of fighting games, the Evolution Championship Series, better known as EVO, is a well-known event. Fighting game champions often gather here to compete for the title of the best player in the world. EVO has produced some memorable moments and personalities, such as G01’s comeback against SonicFox in EVO 2019. As a result, the fighting game community looks forward to EVO with bated breath.

Many people consider winning an EVO tournament to be a sign of success for a particular fighting game. For the EVO tournament in 2022, Super Smash Bros. was already ruled out. Super Smash Bros., despite its reputation as a popular fighting game platform, has been plagued by sex assault and harassment allegations against some of its most prominent players in the past. The gaming community often views Nintendo as being too protective of its properties, even shutting down fan projects.

However, the list of fighting games that will be featured at EVO 2022 has been revealed despite the absence of Super Smash Bros. This year’s lineup includes classics like Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7, as well as newer entries like Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate and Guilty Gear Strive. EVO general manager Rick Thither said, “We are excited to present a slate of fighting games representing so many of the genre’s player-bases for EVO 2022.” “I can’t wait to see what happens when we get started on the next chapter of the event series.”

Many fans will be happy to see the tournament return after the 2021 EVO tournament was canceled due to COVID complications, despite the absence of some big names like Super Smash Bros. The return of EVO 2022 to a physical tournament is just one example of how gaming events are getting back to business as usual after the events of COVID. The Tokyo Game Show recently announced that attendees will be able to re-enter the event for the first time in years.

It’s a bit of a letdown for new console generation fans, but all the games announced so far will only run on the PlayStation 4. Street Fighter 6’s announcement means that players may soon have to play newer games in order to compete in future EVO tournaments.

From August 5 to 7, EVO 2022 will be held.

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