The Surprising Baking Ingredient That Makes A Fantastic Cleaning Agent

Clean Your Home With Pure Vanilla Extract Did you know that pure vanilla extract, in addition to imparting a lovely, rich taste to baked products like cookies and cakes

is an incredibly effective cleaning solution?c , according to Nielsen-Massey, a world-renowned vanilla brand.

Do you have a smelly garbage disposal? Simply freeze a mixture of vanilla and lemon extracts with water in an ice cube tray, then pour it down the toilet.

The odour will go as quickly as a freshly made cookie. As you might expect, vanilla extract has a pleasant perfume

, which is why Nielsen-Massey suggests soaking a cotton ball in a few tablespoons of it and placing it in a small bowl for a quick, inexpensive, and safe DIY air freshener.

 According to Good Housekeeping, other products that are tried and true cleaning companions include vinegar, lemons, salt, baking soda, and walnuts.

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