After One Day of Being Loved, a Shelter Dog's Reaction

Before his foster mom saved him, the dog was set to be put down.

Let us begin by admitting that we couldn't go through this entire video without pausing to fetch Kleenex.

Our eyes were BALLING out. But don't worry, they were happy tears, as a shelter dog had found a foster family!

@kelseydarragh, a TikTok user, shared a video of her newest foster puppy, Hippo. Kelsey actually got this puppy the day before he was about to be put down. 

 (Ugh, the tears have begun to flow again!) She sits down in the grass to pet Hippo in the video. You can see how relieved Hippo is to be free.

He wasn't about to let go of her! Hippo already seemed at ease with her, despite the fact that they had only spent one day together and one day in love.

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