When Covid Killed One Million Americans, Australia Saved Thousands of Lives.

Many Americans will struggle to contemplate what could have been. Nations that kept more people alive demonstrate what the U.S. should have done differently.

With a Covid death rate one-tenth that of the US, Australia's 25 million people (with roughly 7,500 fatalities) is towards the top of the worldwide rankings for life protection.

Australia limited travel and personal contact until immunizations were widely available, then prioritised the most susceptible before progressively opening up.

Mistakes in nursing homes led to clusters of fatalities; a vaccination distribution was hindered by sluggish purchase. Deaths have risen with Omicron and looser rules.

When the outbreak began, 76% of Australians trusted the health care system (compared to 34% of Americans) and 93% thought they could get outside aid.

Individuals who believe that "most people can be trusted" are more likely to minimise mobility, use masks, and be vaccinated against Covid.

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