Foods from the United States that are prohibited in other countries

Several dairy products In the European Union, Canada, Australia, Israel, Japan, and New Zealand, hormones are completely forbidden on dairy farms and in dairy products.

Foods that have been artificially colouredFood colours including Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1, Blue 2, and Red 40 are created from petroleum-derived compounds and have been related to cancer

Their sole goal is to make food pleasant to the eye, but at what cost? It can be found in salmon, mac and cheese, ice cream, and salad dressings, in addition to confectionery, juice, and cereal.

Brominated vegetable oil soft drinks (BVO)Despite its link to birth abnormalities and serious organ damage, the chemical that makes food colouring attach to liquid 

Brominated vegetable oil soft drinks (BVO)Skin rashes, acne, loss of appetite, exhaustion, memory loss, and nerve issues have all been related to the FDA-approved chemical.

 Over 100 countries have concluded that those effects in soft drinks are undesirable.

On the Oregon coast, an alarming number of orcas have descended.

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