Customer at McDonald's blocks drive-thru for hours until he receives a refund

An enraged McDonald's customer blocked a drive-thru window by refusing to move his car from the serving window for the second time in a row over McMuffins.

The unusual standoff ended only after police were summoned to persuade Stuart Yates to leave the fast food outlet in Lancashire, England.

Due to a delay in providing his sausage and egg delights, Yates, 55, was requested to wait in the car park at the branch in the town of Leyland on Sunday (May 22). 

 He suspected workers of playing a joke on him because the last time he ordered a lunch, he had to wait 20 minutes.

Yates refused to relocate until he was granted a refund, believing he was being treated unfairly.

The scenario became tense as accusations and counter-accusations flew back and forth.

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