During snake season, how to keep snakes away of your yard

With the arrival of warmer weather in our area, more people are seeing snakes.

Snakes might be a nuisance for some people and a worry for others, but two snake handlers tell WBRC that snakes are just as afraid of you as you are of them.

"They're not bloodthirsty demons out to attack people for no reason," Jay Eubanks explained. "They're actually rather docile and would prefer to be left alone."

"The fact that a lot of people are terrified is how we got started," Hay explained. "Unfortunately, that dread stems from a misunderstanding."

They do more than just remove snakes from properties; they also educate people about them.

People may believe they are seeing more snakes today, but according to Hay, the most calls came in 2020, when people were at home doing yard projects.

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