Food Waste Prevention in Your Own Kitchen

Food waste begins at the supermarket. Rather than mindlessly strolling the aisles and picking up whatever looks appealing,

Planning your meals in advance is one strategy to avoid buying food you don't need. Instead of guessing, you'll know exactly what you need to purchase.

Rather than going to the grocery shop once a week and buying a large amount of food, make several smaller and faster trips throughout the week.

How many times have you thrown away food just because you forgot it existed in your fridge? One approach to keep an eye on the food you have is to keep your fridge clean and organised.

When organising your refrigerator, keep in mind that everything should be stacked strategically. When you get home from the supermarket

The way you keep your food is crucial. Some fresh food, for example, will remain longer in the fridge, while others may survive longer on the counter.

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