You Probably Forget To Clean This Part Of Your Fridge

Cleaning Your Ice Maker: The BasicsIf your ice maker is producing stinky, funky-tasting ice cubes, it's time to clean it thoroughly. 

Even if your ice isn't stinky or foul-tasting, your ice maker should be on your spring cleaning checklist.

Remove Any Remaining Items And Unplug
Clear out all of the unwanted goods from your fridge and freezer before you begin, and clean up any spillage. 

Even if your ice maker is filthy, those old leftovers at the back of the fridge aren't helping matters.

Baking Soda or Warm, Soapy WaterUse a washcloth and warm, soapy water to wipe the bin and other removable parts.

The Last StepsCheck your ice maker's water filter to make sure it's not clogged by all those minerals before putting everything back together.

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