Unhealthy Health Habits That Will Destroy Your Life

Excessive water consumption can cause hyponatremia, a serious condition in which blood sodium levels are low as a result of drinking too much water.

Experts warn that overworking your body to the point of injury might have long-term consequences.

According to specialists, an obsessive fixation with "clean eating" can lead to significant eating disorders.

Every year, dietary supplements send thousands of people to the emergency room. Because supplements are classified as food by the FDA, determining what is safe and what is not can be difficult.

Before undertaking intermittent fasting (IF), or time restricted meals, anyone with blood sugar concerns should consult a doctor (TRF).

"Because both IF and TRF lower a person's glucose levels, medication changes are required to avoid hypoglycemia during the calorie restriction period," says the author.

Grocery Bill Increases Due to Bad Habits

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