Internet Is Astounded By 'Epic' Room With Cat Wall Shelves: 'Best Human Ever'

A "cat paradise" living room, complete with trees, shelves, and cat toys, has gone popular online, motivating other cat owners to do the same.

On TikTok, the cat daddy posted a video of his living area, where his Bengali cats were enjoying all of their furniture and toys.

"Show me something you spent way too much money on but don't regret it because it's freaking sick, I'll go first!"

he says in the video. The article has received more than 110,500 likes, 1,042 comments, and 17,200 reshares thus far.

There are several cat trees in the room, including one that reaches the ceiling, as well as numerous wall-mounted shelves, scratch posts, and no human furnishings.

According to a recent survey from Future Market Insights, over half of all US families with indoor cats have at least one item of cat furniture, with a replacement purchased every 5 years on average.

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