Should men shave their legs (and other parts of their bodies)?

You might query into the ether, "Should I shave my legs?" expecting a definite response. And if you meant "soul patch" when you said "legs," the answer is yes.

. However, if you meant "legs," then it's a matter of personal preference.

Are you looking to manscape or shave your legs bare? Are you shaving with an electric or manual razor? Are you going nude for the sake of appearances? 

 Are you inquiring about shaving as opposed to waxing, for example? There is no definitive answer to this question, as you can see. 

However, you can reach a decision by balancing the benefits and drawbacks, as well as learning how to shave your legs.

Much of the controversy around leg shaving may be applied to other regions of the body. Shaving is frequently an aesthetic decision all over the body.

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