Minimize My Taxes

My retirement account is fully funded. However, regardless of the sort of retirement plan you have, it pays to contribute as much as possible.

If you contribute money to a standard IRA or 401(k), it is pre-tax income that the IRS cannot tax. Furthermore, it is money that you will be able to save and invest for the future.

I keep meticulous records of my business expenditures. As a freelance writer, I don't have a lot of costs associated with my business. However, I have a number of reasonable costs that I can deduct.

Take, for example, my internet service. I need that to accomplish my job, therefore I'm not worried about writing it off.

I avoid taking profits in my brokerage account.My retirement assets are currently held in a single 401(k), but I also have money invested in a standard brokerage account. 

If all goes according to plan, the money will be used to fund my retirement. However, I appreciate the freedom that my brokerage account provides. 

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