Orcas swarm the Oregon coast in search of seal pups in alarming numbers.

In late April, the killer whales were first observed. According to the Oregon Coast Whale Watchers' Facebook page, there have been multiple sightings every day in May.

Orcas have been spotted in Sea Lion Caves, Coos Bay, Yachats, Newport, and Gold Beach, among other places along the coast. 

 Orcas are not uncommon in the area, but they were rarely seen before April.

Orca that enter this area have been tracked by Josh McInnes, a marine biologist and killer whale researcher at the University of British Columbia's Institute for the Oceans

Orca numbers often grow in the spring, according to McInnes, as they arrive for the harbour seal pupping season.

"We've seen that sightings have a seasonal pattern. So transient [killer whale sightings] can happen at any time of year, but we see a rise in the spring. 

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