Should You Keep Jams and Jellies Refrigerated?

If you just bought a jar of jam or jelly, Nicole Richard, a research associate and food safety specialist at the University of Rhode Island's Food Safety Outreach

and Research Program, says you can keep it in your kitchen cabinet until you open it. Homemade preserves in sealed jars can be kept at room temperature.

However, after the jam or jelly has been opened, it is recommended to keep it refrigerated. This, according to Richard, inhibits mould and yeast from forming

 Open jams and jellies will spoil faster if they are not refrigerated.

"Refrigerating unsealed jams and jellies reduces the growth of spoilage microorganisms, extending the shelf life of the product."

Because jams and jellies are acidic, Richard adds that moulds and yeasts are the creatures to avoid.

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