The most typical lies told to doctors and nurses

I always use protection" If your doctor doesn't believe you when you say you always use protection when having sex, forgive them.

"I'm not a smoker."
According to this study, not all smokers are giving their doctors the truth: 12.9 percent of smokers lie to their doctors about their smoking habits.

"I did not consume any gluten."
If you have celiac disease and have ingested gluten, you must notify your doctor or nutritionist immediately.

"I've never had a sexual relationship before."
"In the last year, how many sexual partners have you had?"

"I have perfect vision."Some older adults who have noticed that their vision is deteriorating may be inclined to lie to their doctor.

"I only use alcohol on rare occasions." If you're aware that drinking alcohol increases your chances of some diseases and exacerbates mental illnesses,

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