The ultimate meat and seafood cooking temperature guide

According to research we made up for this post, the average life expectancy of neanderthals was only approximately 30 years.

 This is likely due to the fact that primitive people never knew when their food was fully cooked and died of a variety of foodborne illnesses. 

Meat thermometers, which are the most accurate—and thus safest—way to detect whether your beef, poultry, fish, or shellfish is ready to consume

are now available (and also not overdone). Here's how to cook meat and fish at the right temperature.

Although most people believe that wild salmon tastes best at 120°F and Atlantic salmon at 125°F, the USDA and FDA both recommend that salmon be cooked at 145°F. 

For reference, medium-rare is 120-125°F, while well done is 145°F. You can divide the difference, but be cautious!

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