Woman claims she was charged $40 in hospital for crying.

Though the issue was certainly more complicated than that, a tweet in which a woman alleges her sister was charged $40 by a hospital for crying during an appointment has gone viral.

After only one day, Twitter user @OffbeatLook's tweet had received over 250,000 likes by Wednesday morning.

She said in it: "My younger sister has been battling with a health issue recently and has finally seen a doctor. For crying, they charged her $40."

The hospital "charged her $40 without addressing why she is sobbing, trying to help, doing any evaluation, any medication, nothing," according to the Twitter user.

More than 2,000 people responded to the tweet, with many expressing concern over the exorbitant expense of healthcare in the United States.

Hospitals, on the other hand, can charge for behavioural assessments, which is likely what the "behav.

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