Your eyes are warning you that something is wrong with your liver.

It's possible that the yellowish plaque on your eyelids or below your eyes isn't normal morning sleep crust.

Dry, itchy eyes are more than a bother—they could be an indication of dry eye disease (DED), which has been related to liver sarcoidosis.

Ask your opponent to check for black circles around your iris the next time you're having a gazing contest (the coloured tissue at the front of your eye).

You may have jaundice if the whites of your eyes have turned yellowish. High bilirubin levels) cause jaundice when the liver's bile ducts become blocked.

"Jaundice necessitates rapid medical attention and can be an early symptom of severe liver, gallbladder, or pancreatic illness," Allen advises. 

Excessive alcohol consumption, maintaining a healthy weight, and regulating cholesterol levels are all preventative measures against jaundice.

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