Your hands are signalling that your liver is in distress.

Your hands, which include your palms, fingers, and nails, can reveal information about your overall health, and some indicators may indicate that one of your important organs is in serious danger.

If your palms have turned red for no apparent reason, it could be palmar erythema, sometimes known as "liver palms," an indication of liver illness.

If you have "clubbing," which is characterised by a balloon-like swelling of the fingertips, it could mean you have a problem with your liver.

Don't overlook involuntary jerking movements in your hands if they've appeared out of nowhere.

Terry's nails are pale, white fingernails with an opaque appearance. This is a common symptom of serious underlying medical problems, such as liver disease.

A disorder known as koilonychia might also indicate liver problems in your fingernails. This symptom involves fingernail "spooning."

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