September 30, 2022
New Victory Road Content for Pokemon Masters EX

New Victory Road content will be added to the EX version of Pokemon Masters as a celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary.

Since its initial release in August of this year, Pokemon Masters EX by DeNA has grown and changed. Several characters from the series come together for a single game. Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, Champion Trainers, and playable Trainers from the Pasio Region are all included in this. In celebration of its two-year anniversary, Pokemon Masters EX’s new feature, Victory Road, will include special content.

Even though this feature has been available for some time, it was formally announced in the latest Pokemon Presents episode, along with much additional Pokemon news. There was a 14-minute presentation that revealed the next mainline Pokemon games coming to the Switch and free content updates for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as well as Pokemon Legends: Arceus, among other titles. The Victory Road feature of Pokemon Masters EX was also briefly highlighted during this presentation, informing players of the various rewards that will be available in the game in the near future.

In Pokemon Masters EX’s Victory Road mode, players will face off against powerful Sync Pairs, all of which are champions from across the Pokemon universe. Red, Blue, and Green Sygna Suit versions are available to help players take down these champion trainers. For completing this mode, players will receive 5000 gems.

Special Sync Pairs will be added to the game in honor of Pokemon Day and the 10th anniversary of Pokemon Masters EX. One of them is a May and Latia duo dressed to the nines. From the 28th of February to the 31st of March, they’ll be able to transform the current field into Psychic Terrain and power up all Sync Pairs of the Psychic-type. In addition, Skyla and Tornadus will have the ability to turn the area into a Flying Zone, which can be used to support Flying-type syncs. A limited number of units will be made available beginning on March 2 and running through March 31.

Raihan and his Dynamaxed Flygon, with moves like Sandstorm and Max Flare, will be the last of these special Sync Pairs to appear in Pokemon Masters EX. There will be a bonus for players who are currently playing the game, allowing them to scout up to 100 sync pairs for free using the 10-Pair Ticket Scout. Finally, Masters EX players who sign in right now will receive 3000 free gems.

On Android and iOS devices, Pokemon Masters EX is now available.

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