September 30, 2022

Pokemon GO is teasing fans with the imminent arrival of the Ultra Beasts that are coming to the game soon, with a small series of creepy videos.

Pokemon GO continues to be a popular mobile spin-off of the franchise that allows players to go out and catch their favorite creatures out in the real world. While the game has been hit hard by various factors like the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still events being held in Pokemon GO regularly. This is beneficial for those players who prefer or can only play the game remotely. Another event is about to take place this weekend, this time involving a highly anticipated addition, the Ultra Beasts.


The Ultra Beasts are a special group of Pokemon that were introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, where their weird designs and extradimensional existence made them stand out in comparison to other Pokemon. The Ultra Beasts were announced to be coming to Pokemon GO earlier in June at the Pokemon GO Fest, which showed off creatures such as Buzzswole and Phermomosa that would be coming to the mobile spin-off. A recent tweet from the official Pokemon GO account confirms when players can get their hands on these creatures.

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This teaser is framed as a series of found footage horror short films, where it depicts Pokemon GO players encountering Ultra Beasts all across the world. This includes players from Japan, the US, and Germany who all have different videos that mix live-action elements with the 3D Pokemon models. For example, one unfortunate player finds Nihilego (codenamed UB-01 Symbiont) in the streets of Shibuya, who is later accosted by a swarm of them. The end of the teaser video reveals that players will be able to catch these creatures this weekend, starting August 28 at 10 AM local time.

Other elements of this teaser show off some of the Ultra Beasts that will be arriving in Pokemon GO, putting these situations in a more horrifying light if these creatures ended up in the real world and not just an ARG video game. One of these videos shows Buzzswole, whose imposing bug-like physique lands in front of the person recording the footage, while one man in Japan is facing an electrical blackout due to an invading Xurkitree.

This isn’t the first time that the Pokemon series has dabbled in a found footage horror story, as previous teasers for Pokemon Legends: Arceus played around with this concept when revealing new Pokemon. The presentation works incredibly well for the Ultra Beasts, however, considering their mysterious origins and how creepy some of the designs and lore behind the Ultra Beasts can be. Fans praised the usage of the trope in these teasers, many finding it appropriate for the upcoming event.

Pokemon GO is available now for mobile devices.

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