September 30, 2022

The release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is near. Descored, Game Freak regularly updated us with new content. With the arrival of a new generation, there are plenty of new Pokemon. Many people have already seen it, while the developer reveals all of them slowly. The newest one to be disclosed is the Pokemon Pokemon Grafaiai, which is highly toxic. Not only is that type, but also the behavior. Among our old tales is to know how to speak with you, and as you did, we’ll learn more about the country.

Grafaiai revealed that a toxic monkey Pokemon!

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At first glance, I thought this was a mosquito, but turned out that it’s a toxic monkey eagle. For starters it is a typical Poison/Normal, which is self-absorbed. As far as a name, it looks pretty near the graffiti. And it makes perfect sense to grasp the highlight of this Pokemon. Grafaiai is allergic to poisonous saliva, which is different in colour depending on what the Pokemon eat. There is no cure for poisonous saliva and will give the hammer to foes.

Lastly, monkeys use his spit to draw patterns on trees and make their designs look like fun animals. Pokemon is pretty interesting for now. It’s still a matter to ask, if there will be evolutions or not. There were theories that it could be the regional form of the subordinated Smeargle. However, Grafaiai looks very different from Smeargle.

The most interesting thing about this Pokemon is clearly his dangerous spit and his strategy to mark its territory. With that said, there are still many other Pokemon to find in this new generation. Hence, keep on posting any recent news.


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