September 29, 2022

Niantic has announced the next long-term event for Pokemon Go, called Seasons of Light. Like previous seasons for 2022, it appears the next round of events will continue to focus on Alola.

Pokemon Go players have had a busy year with beach-themed species following the Season of Alola and Season of Go long-term events through spring and summer. With the conclusion of Season of Go on September 1, 2022, many are excited to know what will come next.

Following the recent Pokemon Go Fest 2022 finale event filled with Ultra Beasts and a curious narrative surrounding the disappearance of Professor Willow, new updates are appearing on the Pokemon Go social media accounts. These updates, while sparse, have revealed the name and timeframe for the next Pokemon Go season.

Pokemon Go Season of Light start & end dates

Pokemon Go Season of Light DateThe Pokemon Company, Niantic

Pokemon Go Season of Light teaser

According to a Twitter post shared by PokemonGoApp, Season of Light will take place from September 1, 2022, through December.

The post, marked “1/9” indicates the Twitter page will be releasing more information surrounding the event soon.

What is currently known about Seasons of Light?

Currently, very little is known about Pokemon Go’s upcoming season. The main Pokemon Go blog has yet to release any updates, but a trailer shared by the PokemonGoApp Twitter account does offer a few potential possibilities.

The 21-second looping video shows the starry sky high above the heads of two trainer silhouettes. A constellation appears that is similar to the outline of the Legendary Pokemon Cosmoem from Sun & Moon. This is followed by a sunburst and a visual of the moon.

Many fans have already theorized the next event in Pokemon Go will introduce the Alolan Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala. While this video does officially confirm their introduction, the hints provided do strongly point to it being a possibility.

Because the Season of Light event runs the duration of both fall and early winter, it can be expected players will finish out the year with challenges that will be outlined in the coming updates from Niantic.

Please stay tuned for more information as we update this article.

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