September 29, 2022

The most remarkable event in Pokemon Go is without any doubt the Community Day event. Well, we have some words we would like to say regarding the upcoming Community Day event.

As you may expect, the next Community Day event will be happening in September 2022, and some people are informing the Pokemon Go community that the highlight Pokemon of the September 2022 Community Day event will be Roggenrola.

The Community Day event in Pokemon Go is an event where special attention is given to a chosen Pokemon on a once-a-month basis. That Pokemon, during the event which lasts a few hours, has an increased spawn rate and you can see it, basically, anywhere. Each Community day, as we said, has a highlighted Pokemon and a special event-exclusive move that can be learnt during the Community Day event.

The scheduled date for the September 2022 Community Day event is September 18th, 2022, and as mentioned, the rumored Pokemon is Roggenrola. Besides this, we might have some info regarding the October, November and December Community Day highlighted Pokemon, so here is what we have so far:

September 18th, 2022 – featuring Roggenrola

October 15th, 2022 – featuring Litwick

November 5th, 2022 – featuring Community Day Classic

November 12th, 2022 – featuring Teddiursa

December Community Day – featuring every Pokemon from previous Community Day events

What do you think about this? Do you like the rumored Community Day Pokemon

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