September 30, 2022

The cloud-based Pokemon storage service, Pokemon Home, gets a new update that brings some quality of life enhancements to the service.

Pokemon Home is a cloud-based Pokemon storage service that allows players to store their Pokemon on the cloud from different games in the franchise, both mainline and mobile. Taking inspiration from Bill’s PC in the Pokemon games, Pokemon Home is a logical way for players to be able to carry their favorite Pokemon over to newer games instead of leaving them behind in older games and starting from scratch.

Initially released in February of 2020, Pokemon Home is a valuable resource for players that would like to carry their Pokemon over from one game to the other, especially between platforms. It is a paid subscription service, though, and players should know all the details of how they can carry more Pokemon in Pokemon Home in order to most effectively take advantage of the service. A new update for Pokemon Home (2.0.2) is currently live, though it is only offered on mobile right now.


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The update is not a full one and only includes minor changes here and there with no change to Pokemon Home‘s point system or any major subscription model alteration. The update’s main change is that it gives players the ability to fully delete their accounts if they wish. The other changes in the update are mainly just resolving common issues that players have been experiencing with the service. A full list of the patch notes is included at the end of this article.

Pokemon Home‘s ability to transfer Pokemon between mobile devices and consoles is a huge draw for players as Pokemon GO is such a popular way for players to catch different Pokemon from various different generations and then bring them to other games. Especially because Pokemon games are known for their version exclusive Pokemon, Pokemon Home makes it easier for completionists and collectors to truly catch them all, one way or another.

Another advantage of Pokemon Home is the ability to get more than one starter Pokemon, like a promo to get all three starters from Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Pokemon veterans are always plagued by the choice of which starter Pokemon to choose when they are starting a new game, but Pokemon Home eases that tension.

As more and more Pokemon games release and more and more Pokemon are added to the Pokedex, players are looking for improved storage systems and more ways to carry Pokemon over from previous generations into their new games. Pokemon lovers enjoy the ability to travel to new regions with all of the Pokemon they have caught in the games they have played throughout their lives.

The full patch notes for the Pokemon Home update are as follows:

  • Added the ability for users to delete their accounts
  • Addressed an issue in which the location where a Pokemon was first met wouldn’t be displayed under certain circumstances
  • Addressed an issue in which your search criteria would sometimes not be reflected when searching for specific Pokemon on the GTS
  • Other issues have also been addressed in order to ensure a user-friendly experience.

Pokemon Home is currently available on Mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch.

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