September 30, 2022

Author: MegaMew47
Release Year: 2021
Original Version: RPG Maker XP
Language: English
Version: Beta 0.1.3
Downloadable: Yes

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Pokemon Shikari : Hey hey hey, are you a true Pokemon trainer? How much knowledge about this Pokemon world you have? Are you confident enough about your skills, about your beloved partners?

Try Pokemon Shikari – a hack of RPG Maker XP right now. This game was made for the Relic Castle Game Jam 7, and was made in a month!
Plot Details
Set in the cyberpunk future of Mirai City, play as Masumi, a battling prodigy. Your sister, Akira, a famous popstar has been kidnapped, and it is up to you to find her! Will you be able to save your sister? Or will she stay lost forever?!


  • Events! Will be distributed at later stages.
  • Interactive storyline.
  • New Attacks, Tms, And Boosts To Existing Moves.
  • New Names For New Characters.
  • Three final endings: every choice you make is important, since it is related to the end. You can not get anything wrong by ending two different endings, you can take a Pokemon from other legends.
  • Battle Systems Of The Elite.


Pokemon Shikari RMXP Hacks

Pokemon Shikari RMXP Hacks

Pokemon Shikari RMXP Hacks

Pokemon Shikari RMXP Hacks

Pokemon Shikari RMXP Hacks

Pokemon Shikari RMXP Hacks

Pokemon Shikari RMXP Hacks


Pokemon Shikari Download

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How to download and play Pokemon Shikari

or Access with password: khrg736


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