September 30, 2022

Pokemon pins have become surprisingly collectable, and limited edition options can be as expensive as desirable Pokemon cards.

Much like the button craze of the 2000s, enamel pins are currently a popular and highly collectible hobby for many people. Pokemon pins can be used to decorate lanyards, backpacks, purses, and hoodies, or even kept in binders in the same way expansive Pokemon TCG cards are stored.

Official enamel Pokemon Pins are frequently included as bonus items in TCG collector boxes, or even purchased online through the official Pokemon Center store. The pins are shaped like Pokemon, Gym Badges, or even include full scenes with backgrounds that change as the pin is twisted.

While many of these Pokemon pins can be obtained by simply buying the collection they are a part of, several limited-edition options can be much harder to come by. Because of this, the value of these colorful badges can be surprisingly high – even challenging Pokemon TCG values.

Pax West 2022 Pinny Arcade Pokemon Pins sell for shocking amounts

During Pax West 2022, players had a chance to earn one of these rare, limited edition pins for free by visiting the Pokemon Play Lab booth in the expo hall. As shared by WillPostTweets on Twitter, the booth gave fans a chance to try their hand at the PokemonTCG.

Those who took the time to go through the demo and try a match were awarded with a stunning Pinny Arcade Pokemon TCG pin. The enamel surface features Pikachu laying on its belly in front of a handful of blue TCG playing cards.

How much do Pokemon pins sell for?

However, because the pins were only available through the Play Lab events at Pax West, they have quickly become a rare and expensive find for Pokemon pin enthusiasts. Currently, the originally free pins are selling between 50 and 100 USD online.

One listing on eBay has set the Pokemon pin purchase price at a minimum of 105 USD, while a listing on Mercari has a listing for a steep 150 USD. These prices rival some of the most expensive Pokemon TCG cards in recent expansions.

For those who earned a pin during the convention, it may be tempting to put it up online for a quick and solid profit, however fans of enamel pin collecting may want to hang on tight to these limited-edition trophies, as it is unlikely they will be easily obtainable again at any point in the future.

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