September 30, 2022

According to a credible leaker, the next Battlefield game is likely to take place in the present or near future.

Now a leak claims that the next Battlefield game will have a different setting. As DICE claims to have learned from its previous mistakes with the franchise, the decision appears to have come about as a result of the poor performance of the last Battlefield game.

Battlefield 2042, according to a DICE insider, taught the company valuable lessons. A company insider tells GameSpot that EA intends to correct the mistakes made with Battlefield 2042, which many fans criticized for drastically altering the Battlefield formula. Battlefield 2042’s class system has been replaced by an operating system, and the maps are too large for some players.

Battlefield 2042’s sequel, according to reputable leaker Tom Henderson, was originally supposed to be an action-packed hero shooter that built on the success of its predecessor. DICE, according to Henderson, has abandoned this concept and will instead use a modern or near-future setting for the next Battlefield game, as opposed to the future setting of Battlefield 2042.

Because the previous Battlefield games were either set in the present day or in the past, it’s likely that a setting change is being considered for the upcoming Battlefield game. It’s clear that fans of the Battlefield series would welcome a return to a more contemporary setting, as the previous three installments of the series are all outperforming Battlefield 2042 in the Steam sales charts.

Battlefield 2042’s maps were criticised by many fans for being too large and empty. Fortunately, DICE appears to be working to fix this with new updates. According to DICE, the maps in Battlefield 2042 will be smaller than previous iterations. The low player count only serves to emphasise how vast and empty the maps already feel, which is great news for those who are still playing.

Battlefield 2042’s scoreboard now displays the number of kills and deaths players have in comparison to their own team and the enemy team in a recent update from DICE.

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