Foods to Eat If You Have a Sore Throat

Oatmeal"The best bets are foods with a soft texture and are easy to swallow," Young explains. "They can also help with throat inflammation."

Oatmeal is not only a soft substance, but it also contains a lot of nutrients, ensuring that you stay healthy while you recover.

When you have a sore throat, yoghurt is another soft-textured item that is easier to swallow.

Broth made with chicken
Young adds, "Warm foods can also help calm your throat." "Chicken broth is a great dish to help with this because it soothes the discomfort."

Pops of iceDid you ever have to get your tonsils removed as a kid, and the doctor would entice you by promising you could eat ice pops for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I

If this describes you, you may probably assume that ice pops are beneficial for sore throats.

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