At the Saint Louis Zoo, two extremely endangered Amur leopard babies were born.

Anya and Irina, severely endangered Amur leopard cubs, have been welcomed into the Saint Louis Zoo as two lovely – and extremely uncommon – bundles of joy.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the Amur leopard is the world's rarest large cat, with only around 120 left in the wild in Russia and China (WWF).

The joyous birth was reported on May 19 by the St. Louis Zoo through Twitter. According to the zoo, the female cubs were born on April 21 to lucky parents Dot and Samson.

In the year 2020, Dot came at the zoo. For the following few months, she and the cubs will be housed in a separate maternity den.

"Dot is a wonderful mother. In a news release, carnivores curator Steve Bircher remarked, "It's thrilling to witness this first-time mom providing excellent care to her pups."

"There are so few of these rare large cats left in the world, and every birth is critical to the species' survival."

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