The Grand Canyon has been discovered with prehistoric cheetahs locked in a death struggle.

According to fossilised bones, snow leopard-like cheetahs inhabited America tens of thousands of years ago, chasing mountain goats through difficult terrain.

The American cheetah (Miracinonyx trumani) has been extinct for a long time.

However, after cave fossils were discovered near the Grand Canyon that were previously assumed to be pumas, a study shed new light on the species.

Researchers claim that they reviewed the fossils and now suggest that the identification of a Rancholabrean puma at the Grand Canyon is wrong. 

Rancholabrean pumas are pumas that lived between 250,000 and 12,000 years ago.

The paper claims that "there is no late Pleistocene record of P. concolor for the Grand Canyon." It's more likely that the fossils belonged to an American cheetah.

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