What are the cars with the lowest resale value?

According to iSeeCars.com analysis, the Chevrolet Impala loses up to 66.2 percent of its value in the first five years.

The Jaguar XJL, the long-wheelbase variant of Jaguar's largest sedan, depreciates 66.4 percent on average over a five-year period.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class car, another luxury model, loses 67.2 percent of its value in the first five years of ownership.

According to the iSeeCars.com research, the BMW 5 Series has an average five-year depreciation of 67.3 percent .

The resale price of premium sedans like the BMW 6 Series, which has a five-year average depreciation of 68.3 percent, is often still too much for many consumers.

The Ford Fusion Energi has a depreciation rate of 69.4 percent after five years.

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