What Is The World's Average Male Weight?

According to WebMD, people's average height has remained relatively constant over the last 20 years, but their average weight and BMI have continued to rise

 resulting in higher obesity-related death rates in the United States. According to Healthline, a man's average weight in the United States was around 166.3 pounds in the 1960s 

and is now around 197.9 pounds. When comparing the average weight of males in other countries and continents

 the average weight of a man in the United States is higher than the European average of 156.1 pounds. The bulk of the time, you may blame a sedentary lifestyle 

The average weights of men in kilogrammes (kgs) from 127 nations were shared by World Data, with Timor Leste having the lowest average weight of 53.9 kgs (118.8 pounds) 

and the Cook Islands having the highest average weight of 103.7 kgs (228.1 pounds). The average weight of men globally is 78.1 kgs (171.9 pounds) when comparing 127 countries.


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