September 30, 2022
The Cloning Experiment at Vault 108 Went Horribly Wrong in Fallout 3

There are now iconic Gary clones in Fallout 3’s Vault 108, who have survived hundreds of years after the Great War.

It’s the inhabitants of Vault 108 that make it one of the most bizarre locations in Fallout 3. Multiple clones of Gary can be found by the player in the game. Vault-Tec had planned to conduct another experiment in the vault, but things didn’t go according to plan.

Vault 108 can be found in Fallout 3 if the player travels all the way to the east of the map, south of Canterbury Commons. With a little digging, you may be able to learn more about the vault and its former occupants.

Vault 108’s Original Intentions Didn’t Include Cloning

Vault 108’s goals and history are largely unknown to the players who discover it. They can, however, locate a terminal in the Citadel that provides some basic details about the vault. Despite starting construction on the facility in 206,1 Vault-Tec eventually abandoned it in 2069 for unknown reasons. As a result of this, the vault could house 475 people for up to 38 years.

There’s also evidence that Vault-Tec purposefully sabotaged the energy supply of the vault. Nuclear power was supposed to be its primary source of energy, but this was rigged to fail in 20 years. Mini geothermal plants were installed in Vault 108 as a backup energy source, but they were built so that they couldn’t power the entire vault.

As a result of this, it’s possible that Vault-Tec intentionally halted construction. According to the terminal entry, an administrator has been informed by geothermal backup power only to provide a portion of the facility’s energy needs. Finally, three times as many defensive weapons as other vaults were assigned to Vault 108. It would not, however, include any amenities for amusement. Vault 108’s assigned Overseer may provide an answer to the question of what the residents of the vault take up arms against.

Brody Jones served as Vault 108’s Overseer. In the terminal entry, he was genetically predisposed to develop a terminal strain of cancer that should “ideally cause him to expire within 40 months of the project’s inception.” Jones was also in charge of assigning responsibilities to the other vault occupants in his capacity as Overseer. In the opinion of Vault-Tec, these two actions would act as a catalyst for moving forward with the project in the manner intended.

It is up to the player to interpret the terminal entry on Vault 108’s goals. Vault-Tec may have been testing the waters to see if the death of the Overseer would incite the other vault occupants to violence, given the fact that they possess an impressive arsenal of weapons. When the power supply fails, the residents will either have to distribute electricity or try to steal it. Assumable, given Vault-history Tec’s of unethical human experimentation but leaving open the question of how cloning fits into all of this.

Gary clones are becoming increasingly common

The Citadel terminal entry on Vault 108 makes no mention of cloning at all. Clone experiments were carried out at the facility, regardless of this. Holotapes are also found next to blood-splattered bodies in the game. According to an unidentified author, all of the observation rooms are filled with Gary clones who are hostile to non-clones. Clone after clone is said to become increasingly antagonistic.

According to the information on the holotype, Vault 108 has created at least 54 Gary clones so far. The staff had to “dispose of” some Gary clones after Gary 54 allegedly injured Dr. Peterson. The holotype ends here. Whether Gary clones were successfully eradicated is, therefore, an open question. It’s also not clear what happened to the vault’s other occupants, as only Gary clones are left by the time the Lone Wanderer arrives.

108th Vault (Vault-Tec)

Vault 108 will be in shambles when the Lone Wanderer finds it. The vault door has been blown open and is now useless. Skeletons can also be found further inside the entryway, though it’s not clear if they are former residents or wastelanders looking for a place to stay.

It is in the vault’s living quarters that more hostile Gary clones can be encountered. This section of the vault is a shambles, with furniture strewn about and junk strewn across the floor. The Female Dorm is also present, but it is not accessible. Cannibal clones have killed some drifters who tried to enter the vault in search of resources or loot but were thwarted by the clones.

The holotype and the last few surviving Gary clones can be found at the lab level. This includes the Charisma Bobblehead. The discovery of yet another wasteland corpse atop a medical bed in one room suggests the Gary clones were either conducting their own unethical experiments or were cannibals.

In the game, there is no explanation for the cloning experiments in Vault 108. It’s possible this was always the plan, and Vault-Tec just didn’t tell the lower-level employees. On the other hand, the scientists of Vault 108 may have simply wanted to conduct their own experiments and not be part of the plan. For all we know, the Gary clones have managed to live for so long without any apparent reason. The Lone Wanderer arrives in Vault 108 hundreds of years after the Great War, but the Gary clones don’t appear to have aged.

If nothing else, Vault 108 is a fascinating set piece. The Capital Wasteland’s more serious foes are a welcome contrast to the absurd inhabitants of the Capital Wasteland. “Gary!” and “Gaaaaarrryyyy!” were some of the memorable quotes from the side quest.

The PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions of Fallout 3 are now available.

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