September 30, 2022

Pokémon Unite revealed new Pokémon and a new map called Theia Sky Ruins, which has changed the entire meta-game. The Theia Sky Ruins map grants players more EXP gaining opportunities. it’s also bigger and more populated with wild Pokémon compared to the previous ranked play map, making it easier for certain Pokémon to level up faster.

The new map’s gameplay is much like the previously played Pokémon Unite map, Remoat Stadium. It still contains the same top, bottom, and middle lanes, it has 5 goal zones for each team to defend, and a jump pad at 5 minutes to quickly launch players to the center of the map for fights.


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The objective of the game is also the same, score the most points in an opponent’s Goal Zone. The differences lie in the new wild Pokémon, and new buffs will spawn on different parts of the map. Using different play styles in Pokémon Unite can help players discover the best way for them to win on this new map.

New Pokémon & Buffs in Pokémon United

The new wild Pokémon added to the map include Bunnelby, Baltoy, Indeedee, Altaria, Swablu, Accelegor, Escavalier, Natu, Xatu, the Regi family, and The Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza.

Bunnelby, Baltoy, Indeedee, Xatu, Natu, Altaria, and Swablu have all replaced the previous Pokémon Unite common lane creatures. Accelegor and Escavalier became the new jungle buff Pokémon, adding attack speed and move cooldown to the red and blue buffs. Registeel, Regirock, Regice, and Regieleki replaced Rotom and Drednaw, with Regieleki at the top of the map and the other three Regis at the bottom giving attack, defense, and HP buffs.

Rayquaza is the new version of the Pokémon Zapdos, it still spawns at 2 minutes on the Theia Sky Map. The difference is that instead of the goals with instant scoring, Rayquaza gives players a heavy shield that helps them score easier. Players are not necessarily compelled to take down the Rayquaza now as much as they were before when “Zapdos plays” turned the tide of the game completely.

With the celebration of Pokémon Unite’s one-year anniversary continuing to add more gimmicks, the new Theia Sky Ruins map changes the way players play the game. The shift in the metagame will create more strategies and different team compositions. Navigating the new Theia Sky Ruins map is just the beginning of a new era of competitive play.

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